Improvisational Theater for Computing Scientists


Improvisational Theater for Computing Scientists is a pilot project designed to evaluate use of the performance art of improvisation to develop the creative capacity of individuals and groups in science education and research in the emerging field of computational biology. Performers in improvisational theatre are explicitly trained to develop exploratory environments and their ability for experimentation and risk taking Can training in improvisational theatre provide scientists and science students with the ability to generate new inquiry spaces for their research?

Improvisational theatre (IT) training is an established approach for stimulating creativity and team collaboration in business, early education and engineering design. This emergent, collaborative process and experimentation can lead to creative and transformative actions for the individual as well as the ensemble. Science education and research positioned as an improvisational, ensemble performance may give the "actors" in the sciences the required lens for transforming their research and training into a continuous creative, innovative process. This is timely for the field of computational biology, as it is reliant on the generation of new scientific relationships, synergies and integrative methodologies.


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